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My 3D model of the intercalated disc created from three adjacent electron tomograms
won 1st Prize in 'EM Life' category of the Micrograph competition at Microscience 2010.

I collaborated with Pauline Bennett to create a short movie from a series of electron tomograms; the movie won 2nd Prize in the British Heart Foundation 'Reflections of Research' prize in 2010.

I was awarded the 2009 Don Claugher Bursary, by the Society of Electron Microscope Technology for the project 'Visualisation of the intercalated disc in three dimensions using electron tomography'. I captured three adjacent image stacks using electron microscopy, then combined the tomograms and created a 3D model of the structure using 3dMOD.

Microscope images that I created in collaboration with Jenny Fordham/Pauline Bennett were shortlisted for The British Heart Foundation 'Reflections of Research' prizes in 2007 and 2008, and were subsequently exhibited at the Royal Society of Arts.

I collaborated with Dr W.J.C.Geerts to create an image from a 3D model of a multivesicular lysosome that won 2nd place in the 'EM Life' category in the Royal Society of Microscopy Micrograph Competition, held at Micro 2006.

In the 1990's, I won first place in several Society of Electron Microscope Technology Sci-Art competitions, in collaboration with R.F.Moss.


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